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Aromatherapy and upper body massage

Aromathery and Indian Head MassageAromatherapy massage is most frequently offered in the form of Champissage, an effective treatment option, which consists of gently stimulating the muscle tissues of the upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp for relief of tension, suppleness and increased bloodflow to the head and brain.

One of the immediate benefits is a feeling of icnreased mental clarifty and sudden sensation of lightness as if from a burden, which had benn carried on the shoulders. 

Champissage is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic practice, which has been handed down from parents to daughters and sons as a daily routine.

aromatherapy, candles, massageUpper body massage is offered with a variety of special therapeutic and selected medicinal essential oil treatments according to Ayurvedic or Siberian tradions or innovatives beeswax candles containing the fruiting bodies of medicinal mushroom extracts that can balance the microbial balance of the skin. These blends can be selected to stimulate hair growth, balance diverse scalp conditions and treat the causes of hair thinning and hair loss.

Champissage can be carried out fully clothed and in any public place such as, for example, at the desk in the office, during parties and, increasingly, at airport lounges. Facial massage is included as well as simple pranotherapy or cranio-sacral rebalancing of the seven chakras for a sensation of collective calm and inner peace.

Conditions that respond well to more complete aromatherapy treatments may be ideal in cases of:
aromatherapy essential oilAches & Pains
Anxiety, low mood & stress
Digestive ailments
Menstrual disorders
Poor circulation

Topical applications of highly selected essential oils, including extremely purely distillled essences and hot candle waxes containing medicinal mushroom extracts may be chosen to soothe the skin and following a brief personal questionnaire, which helps evaluate wich treatments are indicated for your your skin type and condition.

If necessary,  your blood pressure may be taken or you may be referred for medical investigations before beginning a treatment plan accurately designed  for your specific needs. 
A minimum of two Aromatherapy or champissage sessions per month are advisable within a month for durable therapeutic effects, although you may choose to treat yourself or a family member on any occasion. 
Individualised blends for medical internal use, home and hand-made exceptional perfumes for use in-between treatments are offered for home self-treatment, for example sprays, creams, ointments, face or hair tonics.
NLP, Coaching, Therapy, stressAll patients who have been receiving regular treatment for every six months of full compliance may request a FREE consultation for exceptional motivational support in the form of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Results' coaching for balanced and customised health and wellbeing objectives, particularly in cases of bereavement, divorce or other important life changing experience. 

After completing a course of reflective counseling or analytical psycotherapy, a consultation in NLP and Results' Coaching may prove crucial in boosting self confidence.

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Elena Renier regularly provides medical interpreting and translation services into English from Italian, German and RussianBilingual services in other languages may be arranged on request.