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The Family Medical Herbalist - Holistic medical herbalism, mycotherapy and immunonutrition

Medical Herbalism

Ginkgo biloba foliaElena Renier is experienced in modern medical diagnosis as well as in the analysis of your body constitution and personal character according to models from holistic Western and Oriental systems of medicine, which have been inherited from the medical traditions of Greece, Europe, China, Japan and Tibet.

Effective herbal medicines and health plans are provided for any complaint you might take to your doctor. The Herbalist's holistic approach entails analysis of the impact of cultural, social, environmental and lifestyle factors, in order to optimise your chances to maintain and recover health and wellbeing. Remedies prescribed range from herbal to mushroom preparations. Examples of possible conditions that respond well to herbalism include the following:

planta medica fungi Allergies
 Chronic fatigue syndromes
 Colds, coughs and flu
 Moods swings
 Digestive complaints
 High blood pressure
 Skin disorders

At your first appointment, a comprehensive medical history is taken, including about your lifestyle and diet.  Where appropriate, a physical examination is carried out, which may confirm or complement the diagnosis of your General Practitioner (GP). 

Please bring with you any prescribed medication, herbal supplements or results of any available medical exam, which assist in evaluating pharmacological interactions and contraindications, particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. A suitable treatment plan is agreed with you to suit your health priorities and lifestyle choices.

Follow-up appointments may be required after a fortnight and subsequent visits may be every four, six or eight weeks, depending on your needs.  If your health is stable, you will be posted repeat prescriptions for up to two months.

Your prescription herbal medicine will consist of the best quality extracts available in terms of purity, concentration of active ingredients, knowledge of traditional use and scientific data.  You may be supplied with tablets, capsules, tinctures, fluid extracts, herbal teas, juices, distilled waters, aromatherapy essential oils or creams.

All patients who have been receiving regular treatment for every six months of full compliance may request a FREE consultation for exceptional motivational support in the form of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Results' coaching for balanced and customised health and wellbeing objectives, particularly in cases of bereavement, divorce or other important life changing experience. After completing a course of reflective counseling or analytical psycotherapy, a consultation in NLP and Results' Coaching may prove crucial in boosting self confidence.