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The Family Medical Herbalist - Holistic medical herbalism, mycotherapy and immunonutrition

Elena Renier is the Sole Owner and Consultant Medical Herbalist offering  selective health and wellbeing treatment plans, which rest on essential dietary and nutrition advice, consistently keeping abreast of scientific and traditional research harmoniously.
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Elena Renier, Consultant in Herbal Medicine, Mycotherapy and Nutrition, MNIMHM.
Courses and consultancy in holistic medicine, medicinal herbs and mushrooms and clinical nutrition
NLP, Coaching, Therapy, stressPlease click Contact Us and request a FREE 10 minutes informal chat to discuss your needs. It is advisable to seek information well independently about high quality natural options available to you and your family to maximise your chances of staying well and becoming healthier. We will respond within two working days. 
Elena Renier can schedule in interpreting and translation support into English from Italian, German and Russian  by special request.
Health packages can be organised at your location to include Medical Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Massage, Mycotherapy  and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tailored to your individual needs. Results' Coaching and NLP methods can be incorportated in your consultations, in order to keep you motivated and establish detailed, personalised objectives that are realistic and achieve ideal work-life balance.
Aromatherapy workshopThe Practitioner also offers a balanced combination of personalised Results' coaching and NLP strategies, healthcare workshops, courses and conferences in HerbalismAromatherapy, Massage,Mycotherapy  and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).  On average, a check-up is recommended at least once a year for ideal prevention, well before any alarming symptoms arise, which may indicate unusual health changes. 
All patients who have been receiving regular treatment for every six months of full compliance may request a FREE consultation for exceptional motivational support in the form of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Results' coaching for balanced and customised health and wellbeing objectives, particularly in cases of bereavement, divorce or other important life changing experience. After completing a course of reflective counseling or analytical psycotherapy, a consultation in NLP and Results' Coaching may prove crucial in boosting self confidence. 
Radio Gamma, Padova, programma, Mecicina Alternativa, intervista
Elena Renier held a physical conference at Radio Gamma 5 (29 May 2015) in collaboation with the Carraro's Association about the nature of the holistic approach to supporting and treating general nervous conditions, which provides a general introduction on the contrast between materialistic scientific models and new therapeutic concepts of quantum physics, which better meet traditional systems of evaluating patients' health (Italian language only). 
Below, Dr. Abdel Majid Katme, MBBCh, DPM Specialist in Psychiatry and Conductor of "Health Wise" interviews Elena Renier, MNIMH, Medical Herbalist and Consultant to the Scientific Committee of the International Mycotherapy Institute (03-03-2012).
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Health Wise Interview - Part 2
Dr Katme's Interview was followed by questions and answers from the general public.