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Aromathery and Indian Head MassageAromatherapy massage is most frequently applied as Champissage, which allows the lightly dressed patient to receive massage on a low-back chair without arms.
This treatment is recommended for the simplicity of its form and the fast stimulation of upper back, shoulders, neck and head with particular attention to the scalp, in order to relax at the same time the whole nervous system and stimulate blood flow to the brain. For this reason a blood pressure reading may be required before starting.

One of the immediate benefits is a feeling of increased mental clarity and sudden sensation of lightness as if from a burden, which had been carried on the shoulders. 

Champissage is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic practice, which has been handed down from parents to daughters and sons as a daily routine.

aromatherapy, candles, massageUpper body massage is offered with a variety of special therapeutic and selected medicinal essential oil treatments according to Ayurvedic or Siberian tradions or aromatic candles or plant
extracts that can balance the balance of skin. These blends can be selected to stimulate hair growth, balance diverse scalp conditions and treat the causes of hair thinning and hair loss.

Champissage can be carried out fully clothed and in any public place such as, for example, at the desk in the office, during parties and, increasingly, at airport lounges. Facial massage is included as well as simple pranotherapy or cranio-sacral rebalancing of the seven chakras for a sensation of calm and inner peace.

Conditions that respond well to more complete aromatherapy treatments may be ideal in cases of:
aromatherapy essential oilAches & Pains
Anxiety, low mood & stress
Digestive ailments
Loss of deep sleep and insomnia
Light dermatological problems
Menstrual disorders
Muscle tension and rigidity

Blends of aromatic hydrolats, essential oils, infused oils and/or other plant extracted may be custom-made as prescriptions, for self-help between treatments or as gifts in some cases. Blends may be offered as sprays, creams, ointments or other preparations as required.

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