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NLP: Interpreting Dreams

Dream interpretation is traditional of most cultures. For example, according to religions, dreams are closely related to Revelation and can be related to divine mercy or evil. NLP Practitioners only analyse dreams relating to the psyche and refer divine dream interpretation to teachers of faith. Faith-based sources advise to never take any action based on evil dreams (those that contradict ethical rules) and to disclose divine dreams only to trusted people, lest they may give rise to envy. 

dream interpretationReligious and psychological practitioners seem to agree that the quality of dreams depends on spiritual and physical harmony, coherence and balance, so that the more holistic and disciplined life is, the more likely dreams are to provide adequate answers to be acted upon. 

Psychological dreams indicate truths that the mind is temporarily unable to accept at the conscious level, often at times when a person is not prepared to face the consequences of reality. 

Intervention on negated needs increase self-consciousness and evaluation of steps that might need to be taken, provided these are also ethical and can be implemented in practice.

How to be your Own Dream Therapist

A NLP Practitioner or other expert spiritual teacher might guide in setting ethical and realistic goals based on the meaning a person attributes to dreams. However, only the dreamer is able to interpret the dream and is essentially his or her own therapist in doing so.In order to be your own dream therapist it is advisable to go to sleep at a good time, in a relaxed state and to self-hypnotise the unconscious mind to provide answers to specific question by giving it conscious suggestions before bedtime at three times at least; for example:

"Unconscious mind, please provide the answer to this problem specifically"
"Can my unconscious mind tell me exactly how I deal with this challenge?"
"Please give me a full night sleep so that I can wake up refreshed and be inspired to achieve my specific goal".

It is important to keep a diary or a tape-recorder next to your bed (whichever is more convenient) and write dreams down immediately after waking up. Then you can proceed to interpret your psychological dream as follows:List your symbols. Every thing or action you can remember well is to be considered a symbol otherwise you would not remember it.

Intuitively assign meaning to symbols.

  • List your life, time and space contexts for each symbol.
  • Intuitively assign meaning to contexts.
  • Intuitively decide the overall meaning of your dream.
  • Intuitively decide on an action plan based on the overall meaning of your dream, provided this is ethical. 
  • Knowledge of ethical and realistic goal setting is applied by NLP Practitioners.

Remember that dreams from the past can be reinterpreted several times in the light of a whole series of different intuitive contexts and in different phases of life to uncover human experience more and more holistically each time.